About Us

Clothes are the visiting card of a personality and should therefore be chosen to reflect it.
A timeless fashion, some people call it style, some call it taste. That special "feel" that some men have that enables them to select the right suits, shirts, ties, shoes, coats and accessories.
Dressing stylishly is not simply an art. One has to know a little about the tried and trusted classics of men's clothing, where they come from, how they are made, and when to wear them. That is where we come into the picture.
Italian Suit Trading company is a treasure trove of a store that carries familiar brand names in their Leather Lane showroom in London.
It brings together in one place the sort of clothing normally found dotted around in men's retail outlets around London but at realistic and affordable prices.
Italian Suit Trading Co is the perfect environment in which to refine your taste - without breaking the bank. Select the perfect suit for work, leisure or that special occasion, harmonise the perfect tie with the perfect shirt for everyday use, select the right coat for the season and shop with a connoisseur's eye. We invite you to come and visit our showroom in Leather Lane in London and see the range available for yourself. You may contact us by phone or by mail to find out more about our bespoke products in order to make your purchases completely hassle free.